TheĀ Lost HopeĀ sculpture series relates us the struggles of a population facing their future.Two cities with two di erent political strcutures and thus urban planning, a decay observation point, two very di erent spiritual architectures, a shopping mall, a cemetery, two shoutingwalls to drive out fears, and a business district.
Through standalone dystopian architectural models, they bring the audience to question what happened. What lead to this decaying state? Were the buildings abandoned? Have they even ever been inhabited? The series is a cautionary tale regarding our global warming and chess games politics situations.
All the pieces are based on a 15 cm diameter circle, and to be wall-mounted onto steel- circled 50 cm wide beech wood squares to bring as much depth as possible out to the viewer and in photographs. They are designed in CAD from a parametric sketch infused with personal numbers symbolic, 3D printed (mainly by UV light in liquid resin) in parts with a 0.05 mm precision, then assembled and painted with the blackest black available. With thisprocess, the sense of depth is ampli ed to the extreme. The casted shadows have sharps edges outside of the pieces and hide inside details at rst glance. The extremely mat black erases textures in most lighting situations, giving the pieces a nish where the materials, weight and dimensions are di cult to assess. Best viewed in a mix of indirect day and warm lights.
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